Industry Leadership

Investors Group is one of Canada’s leading personal financial services companies with a history that spans eight decades. We are looking for talented, committed people to help us continue our success story of helping clients achieve their financial goals. We are known for our personal approach to financial planning, our culture of coaching and mentorship, our training and support for our Consultants, and our competitive compensation and benefits package.

Investors Group Consultants come from a wide range of backgrounds and bring a variety of skills to their personal practice. Our Consultants are motivated by the opportunity to help people. They build lasting relationships with clients, delivering comprehensive financial planning to help achieve their financial dreams.

Choosing to become a financial planner isn’t a decision that is made overnight. We are ready to sit down with you to discuss the details of the role of an Investors Group Consultant and the culture of our company, and to answer any questions you may have.

For Our Clients

At Investors Group, we are here to serve our clients. We are proud to deliver comprehensive financial planning to one million Canadians. We work together with our clients to build an achievable plan that will help them reach their financial goals.

We are here to provide you with the training and support that will give you the skills to develop a customized approach that will match clients objectives, regardless of their approach to investing and at every stage of their lives.

We have industry-leading investment tools and knowledgeable people who support our Consultants as they advise our clients. Whether it is the various aspects of an investment portfolio or complex tax, and estate planning matters we provide a full suite of training, resources and dedicated experts. With Investors Group you never go it alone.

Unlimited Compensation and Benefits

The role of financial advisor at Investors Group is a demanding one, and that is why you can enjoy the benefits of an income as unlimited as the potential success of your business. A successful practice can bring great financial and professional rewards far beyond those associated with a traditional job or salaried position.

We also offer an exceptional rewards and recognition program that recognizes and rewards performance, business building, mentoring, and community involvement. Every year we celebrate the accomplishments of our leading Consultants with travel to world-class destinations like China, Greece, Tahiti and Bora Bora.

Training and Mentorship

Investors Group training is among the very best, and it is available to you at all stages of your development. We provide you with leading-edge technology, industry experts, and programs and tools to meet the complex challenges of a successful financial planning practice.

You can hone your skills through the company’s educational conferences and seminars featuring our own internal experts and industry leaders. We are always developing new programs in response to financial industry trends and the needs of our Consultants.

Coaching and mentoring are an integral part of our culture and our success. You will be supported by a professionally trained field management team who will help you develop your own successful practice. Peer mentorship is a major force in developing new Consultants. Through both formal field training and informal relationships, you will learn from colleagues who have gone through the same experiences, faced the same challenges and gone on to build thriving financial planning practices. Our senior Consultants know what it takes to succeed in this profession, and they are keen to share their experience and their knowledge.

Award Winning Corporate Citizenship

When a company cares about more than its bottom line, the whole community benefits. Investors Group is committed to making a contribution to the many communities across Canada in which we operate by supporting local and national activities, events and organizations. As a founding member of Imagine Canada we donate at least one per cent of our average annual pre-tax income to charitable and other non-profit organizations. For over a decade Investors Group has partnered with Volunteer Canada and is a founding member of the Corporate Council on Volunteering, a CEO-led initiative to encourage employer-supported volunteering across Canada.

As an Investors Group Consultant, you can apply for funding for local causes and events that you support. Through the initiative and caring of Consultants coast to coast, Investors Group helps support a wide-range of organizations and events. Our corporate citizenship is a hallmark of our company and we are proud to support the volunteer and charitable efforts.

Flexibility and Independence

As an Investors Group Consultant you will enjoy the benefits of self-employment: control over your own destiny and success, combined with the opportunity to manage all the aspects of your busy life.

As a Consultant you can have the best of both worlds – an entrepreneurial environment with no limit on what you can achieve, backed by the support and resources of one of Canada’s leading personal financial services companies.

Professional Support

To help you effectively manage your practice, we provide you with a full suite of tools including personal financial planning software, client information databases, online client view, and contact management software. We have an in-house website packed with information, resources and marketing strategies, client and prospect materials, and a comprehensive tax reference library.

In addition to our national brand advertising you will have access to our professionally designed marketing and advertising programs, your own personalized website, customized advertising and collateral material and our web-based client contact program that provides cost-efficient marketing campaigns tailored to create new business opportunities for you.