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The IG Living Plan by IG Wealth Management

Your written plan will be tailored specifically for you and will reflect your goals and aspirations. It will be reviewed with you regularly and updated or adjusted to reflect major changes in circumstances or life events.

The planning process begins with you in mind.

  • Step 1: a meeting to discuss your goals and objectives.
  • Step 2: a financial review where we gather data and conduct a personal financial review using our comprehensive investment questionnaire and other data-gathering tools and resources.
  • Step 3: analyzing data using our own sophisticated, proprietary financial planning and Symphony Strategic Investment PlanningTM asset allocation software to provide potential strategies and recommendations based on numerous scenarios and projections in consultation with you.
  • Step 4: preparing your written plan – this is presented with our recommendations and an explanation of projections and how to best get you from here to there.
  • Step 5: the implementation of your plan and
  • Step 6: regular reviews.

Come benefit from our perspective.